About me.

Hello there.

I’m here to post about my works of art.

The word “art” sounds a bit too grand for my taste, but for lack of a better term, it   will   have to do.

I have a long history with my “art”. I always loved to draw and paint, and even model. I think all kids do. It was never so serious for me. Art was never going to be more than a hobby.

The biggest turnpoint in my art hobby was when I got to try oil colours in high school. I fell in love with their vibrant, strong pigments. I adore strong, bright colours. I get my kicks from interesting and bold combinations of colours.

oil colours

As some of my favourite artists I could name Van Gogh, Mark Rothko, Picasso, Outi Heiskanen, Hans Rudi Giger, Aimo Tukiainen… and let’s also throw in Kandinsky for some good measure. There are myriads other artists whose names I simply can’t recall right now.

My tastes in art are quite varied in general. I don’t discriminate, I’m quite open to anything. I consider this the best part about art in general – almost anything can pass as art, and there will always be someone who appreciates your piece of work.

Even though I can appreciate many different kinds of art as regards medium, style, movement, whatever, I tend to appreciate certain kinds more than others.

Mark Rothko

I have a love/hate relationship with abstract art. It’s too easy to dismiss simple art works that obviously didn’t take that long to finish. That’s when the substance comes into the picture.

It’s just as easy to dismiss any claims to lofty ideas behind something that is visually simplified. But it’s the state of eternal uncertainty about whether you can or can’t argue that some picture possesses something more than it shows. It’s a difficult issue and I won’t attempt to discuss it here. Perhaps later.

My other passions include aquariums (or aquaria, whichever floats your boat), language and linguistics, literature (especially ‘sense of wonder’ science fiction), FPS games, and Irish dancing. I also seem to do travelling a lot, even though I’m always quick to announce how much I hate the act of it. If only you could teleport whereever you wanted to go, without all the hassle with airplanes, buses, trains.

urban exploration

I’m also interested in urban exploration, but I don’t “do” it. Urban explorers produce some wonderful photography that I find endlessly inspiring. It’s also another area of my interests where ideas and the visual world seem to intertwine in a way that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

In addition to discussing art in general and the aesthetics of urban exploration, my fervent ambition is also to discuss books that I read, to write introductory pieces on the Shakespeare authorship question (launched in this post), and to discuss the aesthetics and art of video games. You’ve got to aim high! These issues will be discussed in my other blog,  Mars Ultor.

Not only am I deeply interested in these matters, but I also feel as though they aren’t getting the attention they deserve (except for the authorship question, which may be getting more of it than necessary). Video game art in particular is severely undervalued in highbrow literature. I think it’s my duty to do my part for promoting its wonderfulness.

(Pictures: http://shl.stanford.edu; http://www.marin.cc.ca.us; http://www.artifolk.co.uk)

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